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Wear this dress with knee or thigh high boots?

The dress is here: —————————————————————————- I love this dress and want to buy it. That colour is gorgeous on me as I have a long dress in the same colour. But I HAVE to wear knee or thigh high...


Asked by: Nyx001 Under Fashion Q&A | 406 views

Tights and Shorts

I have these glittery blue tights and I was just wondering what colour and style shorts would go with them. Here are some links to what the kind of look like:


Asked by: Ellie.Jelly Under Fashion Q&A | 461 views

Shopping in New York City

I’ll be in NYC in the coming days and am planning on doing some shopping while I’m there. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a few good shops for me? My style is quite casual but am starting to get...


Asked by: sazz Under Fashion Q&A | 62385 views

What color shirt matches these shorts?

What color shirt matches these shorts?...


Asked by: Blegz Under Fashion Q&A | 487 views


Ok so i don’t really have a style … But id like to get one I just don’t know were to start ? Shop? Or Wat to wear? I’m crazy fun and like to be comfy yet I don’t mind...


Asked by: heeeiii<3 Under Fashion Q&A | 539 views

Tomboy Grows Up?

As I’m getting my first proper job I am having to dress like an actual grown up. Only problem – I LOATHE wearing skirts or heels or tights or… Well most girly clothes actually. I am told that androgyny is...


Asked by: TJ Under Fashion Q&A | 574 views

Hello Kitty Blouse

Does anyone know, the item number for the FOREVER 21 Hello Kitty Print Tie Front Blouse ? Thank...


Asked by: yvie Under Fashion Q&A | 902 views

Peach Dress- what style and color of makeup will best suit me?

I will be attending a wedding party, and I prefer to wear a peach dress. I have a fair skin complexion so I think the color will match my skin color but how about the style of the dress and...


Asked by: christine Under Fashion Q&A | 2928 views

Gossip Girl Premiere Date?

When is Gossip Girl Premiering on CW network this season? I cant wait to see Blake Lively and Leighton Meester ‘s wardrobe this...


Asked by: sparkleJane Under Entertainment Q&A | 1051 views

POLL: Favorite New York Fashion Week Designer?

For me, its a toss between Alexander Wang and Jason...


Asked by: JerseySugar Under Fashion Q&A | 1956 views

Which shoes is Sarah Power wearing in the beginning of the Shiekh Shoes fall style video?

I really like the lace-up booties Sarah had on in the Shiekh Shoes fall collection video. Does anybody know if these are by Shiekh? They kind of look like Jeffrey Campbell Lita....


Asked by: crystalclear303 Under Fashion Q&A | 888 views