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Posted by Wiki Fashionista on February 26, 2013

Every year cashmere sweaters come back in Vogue just in time for the changing spring temperature. Spring weather can be tricky to dress for, since the weather is constantly shifting from warm to cold so randomly. All we want to do is stay comfy and to look good. Now the time has come to put away bulky sweaters and break out our lighter alternative cashmere and cardigans. Our must have list below has something for everyone.

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Choose a unique fit.  There are many different cashmere styles for us to choose from, but often we end up purchasing the same style over and over again. Pay attention to what you’re picking up and if you feel like you’ve bought it before than put it back. Popular fits this season are elbow sleeves, slashed necks and shrunken hems.

Colors and prints. The color trends this season range from pastels to bold brights. Geometric patterns and stripes are trending big this season as well. Look for the color and print that work best for you and wear it with confidence. We suggest a bright firey red color to spice up your look.

Lightweight fabric. Cashmere is a light weight fabric and even though it is considered a sweater, it is not heavy enough to keep you warm in the cold or to make you hot when it’s warm. If the weather is still chilly layer your cashmere with an under shirt. If the weather is warm skip the layering.

Care for your expensive knit. Cashmere is one of the most expensive knits you can own, so you’ll want to make sure you know how to take care of it. If you have the means to dry clean, this is best for your cashmere sweater. If not, you will have to get accustomed to hand washing your cahsmere and laying it flat to dry.

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