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Tights and Shorts

I have these glittery blue tights and I was just wondering what colour and style shorts would go with them. Here are some links to what the kind of look like:


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Ok so i don’t really have a style … But id like to get one I just don’t know were to start ? Shop? Or Wat to wear? I’m crazy fun and like to be comfy yet I don’t mind...


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Native Inspired Dress?

My homecoming this year is Disney themed and (being Native American) I would love to wear a native inspired dress that looks both formal and traditional. Any ideas on how I can accomplish...


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How can I create the Audrey Hepburn style?

I like the lady like look of the 50s fashion. How can I create the Audrey Hepburn...


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POLL: Which handbag are you carrying now? Which handbag do you want?

Which handbag or handbags are you carrying now? Which handbag do you really want? I have a Betsey Johnson handbag that I tote around everywhere and it’s really falling apart. I’m in love with Vivienne Westwood Handbags this month! Love...


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Gladiators Sandals

Are gladiators sandals still in fashion for...


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Tips For Wearing Stripes

I want to wear stripes this summer? How do you wear them without appearing to be...


Asked by: Ana Paula Under Fashion Q&A | 1318 views

Dressing For Warm Weather

I’m not quite ready to show off my body in bikini, but the weather is starting to heat up. What are some...


Asked by: Dorris Merette Under Fashion Q&A | 1192 views

Rolled up Jeans

What is the right way to wear rolled up...


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Other Fashion Prints

I’m not really into floral prints. What other kind of prints should I try for...


Asked by: sbarbara21 Under Fashion Q&A | 903 views

New Spring/Summer Handbag

What handbag colors work for...


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Floral Prints

When and where is it appropriate to wear flora...


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